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Nx Beginners Tutorial - 3: Transformations

In this Nx Beginners Video Tutorial - 3, Basics of Transformations are covered in details. Unigrahics Nx commands covered in this tutorial are Translation (To A Point, Delta, Move, Copy), Scale (Non uniform scale), Rotation About A Point, Mirror Through A Line (Two Points, Exiting Line, Point And Vetor), Rectangular Array, Circular Array, Rotation About a Line, Mirror Through a Plane, Undo Last

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Nx Beginners Tutorial - 1: User Interface and Menu Options

In this Nx video tutorial, NX User Interface and Menu Options are explain in detail. This is a good starting point for beginners who are first time learning NX. For this tutorial NX 4 is used.

Siemens Nx Tutorial: Automate Progressive Die Design

Siemens Nx Tutorial: Automate Progressive Die Design. This video shows how you can Automate the Progressive Die Design with NX.

Nx Command Tutorial: Swept Feature, Circular Array & Trim Body

Creating a Cutout Using The Swept Command : Commands used in this tutorial are Swept, Trim Body, Grouping, Circular Array. First guide curves and section is drawn & kept ready for swept command. Using swept commands swept surface is created. To create a cutout Trim Body command is used. Group is created for Swept surface & Trim Body. Then circular instances are created by using circular pattern command.