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NX CMM Inspection Programming

NX CMM Inspection Programming. NX softwares CMM Inspection Programming capabilities provide a off-line programming that reduces programming time, frees up expensive CMM machine resources and ensures fast responses to design changes. By combining industry knowledge and best practices with process automation, NX CMM Inspection Programming streamlines the entire CMM inspection program development process from feature definition and path creation to program generation and validation. Integration with Teamcenter software ensures that the correct revisions of parts are programmed and executed on the shop floor.

Unigraphics NX6 Tutorial: Sweep Along Spline

Unigraphics NX6 Tutorial: Sweep Along Spline. This tutorial shows how to create sweep along a spline.

NX 7.5 Modeling Tutorial: RIM

NX 7.5 Modeling Tutorial: RIM. This tutorial shows in detail how to create RIM in NX 7.5. This is a step by step tutorial.

NX Modelling Tutorial: Chain modelling

NX Modelling Tutorial: Chain modelling. This tutorial shows step by step how you can model a roller and chain in NX.

Siemens Nx Tutorial: Automate Progressive Die Design

Siemens Nx Tutorial: Automate Progressive Die Design. This video shows how you can Automate the Progressive Die Design with NX.

NX7.5 CAM Tutorial: Contour Surface Area Machining

NX7.5 CAM Tutorial: Contour Surface Area Machining. This video shows Contour Surface Area 3 axis Machining in detail.

NX CAM: Example of a NC program including subprogramming for a multiple part

Example of a NC program including sub-programming for a multiple part setup including on-machine probing, which writes measured values into external log files which are then passed to a quality system (CAQ).  The complete NC programming task is done with NX CAM from Siemens and UserCycle, which is a NX addon tool for cycle programming. Also the machine simulation is running under ISV, the integrated simulation and verification module of NX. Only one station of the part family setup is programmed, the other 3 part programs are create automatically through the postprocessor. All probing operation are created as machine cycles. The NC program and the simulation are done for a DMC 60 U with Siemens 840D solutionline control.

Siemens PLM NX 8 - Introduction

Siemens PLM NX 8 - Introduction. Topics covered in this video are: Siemens PLM NX 8 - Overview Introducing NX 8 for Manufacturing Productivity Introducing NX8 for Simulation Productivity NX 8 Announced at PLM Europe 2011 NX manufacturing at PLM Europe 2011

NX 7.5 Motion Simulation: Gears, Rack and Pinion

This NX 7.5 video tutorial shows how to use the Gears Coupler, Rack and Pinion coupler in NX motion simulation module

NX 7 - Extrude Command Options (Offset and Draft)

This NX 7 video tutorial shows a technique of using one sketch to create multiple features having different extrude offset and draft. The target of this tutorial is to create bosses with screw holes. This tutorial also shows the creation of electrical contacts in a cordless drill as an example to show, how to use the Offset options of the Extrude command.

NX 7.5: Part Families

This NX 7.5 video tutorial shows  "how to use part families inside Siemens NX 7.5". In this tutorial a shackle family has been designed based on the suppliers table dimensions. Using part families concept you can save your time.

UGS NX4: Mold Design

This UGS NX4 video tutorial covers the overall process to be followed to design the mold. Topics covered in this video are: Open STEP file Use of design validation tools to check for undercuts, draft, wall thickness, sharp corners, find core cavity region faces Mold design tools such as Project Initialize, Work Piece Dimensions, Cavity Layout, Parting Manager, Patch Loops Selection, Core & Cavity, Mold Base Management, Standar Part Management, Pocket Management are discussed.

Nx Beginners Tutorial - 3: Transformations

In this Nx Beginners Video Tutorial - 3, Basics of Transformations are covered in details. Unigrahics Nx commands covered in this tutorial are Translation (To A Point, Delta, Move, Copy), Scale (Non uniform scale), Rotation About A Point, Mirror Through A Line (Two Points, Exiting Line, Point And Vetor), Rectangular Array, Circular Array, Rotation About a Line, Mirror Through a Plane, Undo Last

Nx Beginners Tutorial - 2: Creating Curves, Changing Views, Applying Constraints

This beginners Nx tutorial shows the different methods of changing the views, creating different curves such as line, Arc/Circle, Basic Curves [String mode, Creating 3D curves], Lines and Arcs [Arc Point-Point-Tangent], Rectangle, Polygon.  Applying constraints, Different methods of deleting objects. Window & other selection methods. How to Cancel entity selection. Object Display - Change object color, linetype, line thickness, Work Plane Preferences - Grid On/Off, Snap to Grid, Grid spacing

Nx Beginners Tutorial - 1: User Interface and Menu Options

In this Nx video tutorial, NX User Interface and Menu Options are explain in detail. This is a good starting point for beginners who are first time learning NX. For this tutorial NX 4 is used.

NX CAM: Integrated G-code Driven Simulation

In this NX Tutorial video see how you can verify your machining operations in NX CAM. The G-code driven simulation displays full material removal in your machining environment including the 3D solid model of the machine, fixtures, and tooling. The procedure to do this has been shown in detail in the following video:

NX Tip: Ribs for Molded Part using Extrude Command

This NX Tip video shows how to extrude with intersecting section curves in one feature. This is very useful to construct the complicated ribs for a molded part with single feature. First you have to create a "self-intersecting section" - where curves of the section intersect each other. Then select the curves. Use the Extrude command and give the desired height & select offset to two sided and you will see that the ribs are created. This has been shown in detail in the following video:

Nx Command Tutorial: Swept Feature, Circular Array & Trim Body

Creating a Cutout Using The Swept Command : Commands used in this tutorial are Swept, Trim Body, Grouping, Circular Array. First guide curves and section is drawn & kept ready for swept command. Using swept commands swept surface is created. To create a cutout Trim Body command is used. Group is created for Swept surface & Trim Body. Then circular instances are created by using circular pattern command.

Siemens Nx CAM Software Overview Video

This overview video shows the various capabilities available in Siemens Nx CAM Software & why one should choose the Nx CAM? Topics discussed in this video are: Advanced capability, Prismatic Parts Machining, Mold & Die Machining, Streamline Tool Path, Five axis machining, Complex parts machining, Programming automation, Feature Based Machining, PMI driven machining, Production ready output, Post processor, Synchronous Technology - Part modeling made easy

NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 3/3

The final video in this three part series shows more details of NX Synchronous Technology and how it can be used to arrive at a final design that is validated using the integrated simulation environment in NX. Previous Tutorials from this series: NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 1/3 NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 2/3

NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 2/3

The video shows how NX Advanced Simulation can be used to perform stress analysis on a plastic part. It covers reuse of design geometry, meshing, applying loads and boundary conditions, and reviewing results. This video  also shows how a CAE analyst can use NX to quickly make some design changes for rapid what-if analysis. Next Tutorial in this series: NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 3/3 NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 1/3

NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 1/3

This video covers some of the basics of the user interface and how to perform a simple linear static analysis using a paper clip as an example. Next Tutorial in this series: NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 2/3 NX Advanced Simulation Tutorial - Part 3/3